Journey of Splash

SplashIn April Abilities directs our focus to the subject of Autism, a disability that forces us to look more closely at the challenges faced by many people in our society. April invites us to reflect on how the words “community” and “responsibility” are synonymous, because as caring individuals we have a responsibility to provide for those who can’t provide for themselves.

Like all disabilities, Autism doesn’t only affect the person afflicted by it but also his support system: family, teachers and therapists, as well as the larger community.  Abilities of Northwest Jersey supports people with disabilities for more then 42 years, providing support and services essential to promote independence and empower individuals to reach their highest potential, while integrating them into their communities. This legacy continues in the agency’s new service, ACES (Autism Customized Employment & Services).  ACES provides people on the Autism spectrum with customized intervention plans and works with them to achieve a measure of independence and facilitate community integration.

This April Abilities will use Splash to illustrate how ACES can be a vehicle for traveling on the Autism journey.  Splash is a fictional character playing the role of a person who needs the supports provided by ACES. As Splash travels through the different programs offered at Abilities, he joins passionate and caring staff as well as supportive peers while using ACES to achieve his dreams and become empowered. You might be surprised what adventures await him at Abilities.


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